Alexander Schwarz Stonesculptor

the book

A great introductory book in the craft and hobby of stone sculpting.

Precise step-by-step instructions explaining all the basic techniques.

Book plus Web: A free online service with movies and pictures provides additional assistance.

In the stone carving art and crafts unite in a unique way. After working with stone is a lot of practice, technical skills and good knowledge of materials, but also ideas, creativity and artistic skills ahead. And yet: The basics of stone carving can learn each.

On the basis of ten simple and attractive motives explained this great introductory book step by step all the basic techniques. Many photos, many tips of the author and short films on the basic techniques ( offer additional assistance. With this book, also beginners / in on the adventure can take in stone sculpture and discover the fascination of the millennia evolved relationship between man and stone.

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"STEINBILDHAUEREI - Eine Einführung"


160 pages, 302 color photos,

EUR 29.90/CHF 38.90 (UVP)
ISBN 978-3-258-60105-2
Haupt Verlag

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